To get started, simply start smelling! With over 60 fragrances, we’re willing to bet you’ll find more than a handful you’ll love. Mark down your scent "list" of favorites and do not worry about what blends well! you will create a cart of fragrances that are bound to make 'scents'!


Head over to the candle market to select a container that fits your style. As you peruse through the aisle of vessels and jars, think about whom the candle is for or its location in your home. Whatever the occasion, we have a style for you!



This is where our Scent Stylists come in. We ‘flame’ to please, so we’ll help you narrow down your list to mix and 'match' just a few scents that blend perfectly together. You’ll mix your oils at the candle counter to create your unique custom scent & your new favorite product.

Pricing is dependent on the size and style of jar that you pour into , ranging from $20-$35. If you are interested in scenting something other than a candle, we also offer a variety of other home and body products that are customizable.

This entire experience, filled with smelling, selecting your jar and fragrances, and creating your custom-scented product takes about 30 minutes. Candles then take 90 minutes to cool before they are ready to take home; at which time, remember to ‘Candle with Care.’

This is a great time to visit one of our neighbors for a bite to eat or a drink or do a little walking around the neighborhood for some shopping before you meet your newest flame. IF YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO WAIT, ASK us about your home shipping options.  

Reservations are not required for groups of five or fewer - simply stop in any time to start your fragrance journey!